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I am a research driven interdisciplinary artist, Working across installation, sculpture and design. My work has strong socio-political and feminist themes; these often focus on issues based around identity and gender, particularly to do with social justice and female rights. 

My multi-disciplinary work includes material investigation and process experimentation, through which I try to push the boundaries of form and function as a means of exploring wider themes. I enjoy taking my inspiration from diverse sources that enrich and challenge me as an artist, such as architecture, activist subcultures and industrial design.

Whilst undertaking a BA (Hons) 3D design craft degree at Plymouth College Of Art, I became enthralled by historic pattern design. In my current work I engage with traditional hand drawn techniques alongside digital software to create narrative patterns that subvert an established historic visual language. These are then applied to a variety of materials including wood, ceramics and textiles. I undertake various processes and techniques during my pattern development to achieve a unique outcome, such as hand painting, embroidery, sandblasting and sublimation printing.


I am currently based in Plymouth (UK) and work from a small home studio. 




BA (Hons) 3D Design Crafts Plymouth College of Art, September 2018 - Present.

Art and Design Diploma, Plymouth City College, September 2016 - June 2017.


Summer Show (Degree)                                                                                                                                                           Leadworks 06/21

A group exhibition, show casing our final submission artworks.


Elizabethan House - Live brief                                                                                                                                       Plymouth College of Art 01/21

For this in-class brief we were asked research and respond to an historic location. The Elizabethan House is situated in Plymouth's Barbican district. My work centered around the lived experiences of female prostitutes in the Victorian period and culminated in a mixed media installation artwork, where I engaged with ceramics, textiles and wood. 

Mount Edgcumbe -Live Brief - Site specific installation                                                         Mount Edgcumbe - Plymouth College of Art 05/20

For this in-class brief our client was Mount Edgcumbe house and country park located in Cornwall. We were asked to design a site specific installation artwork which would be situated in the formal gardens at Mount Edgcumbe. My installation was inspired by the brutalist architecture of Plymouth's city center. I juxtaposed geometric forms with floral wallpaper patterns and created a functional wooden bench design. 

Displace - Group Exhibition                                                                                                                    Leadworks Plymouth College of Art 01/20

For this in-class brief I created a satirical mixed media installation which referenced the power of political media intrusions into our everyday lives and the effect this has on our democratic choices.

Body, Space, Narrative - Group Exhibition                                                                                                              Plymouth College of Art 05/19        

For this in-class brief we were asked to design and make a wearable glass sculpture. Through material experimentation, research and problem solving. The resulting sculpture successfully combined copper and leather with glass to sit securely on the shoulder. This piece was then exhibited alongside other similar artworks in a collaborative exhibition at Plymouth College of Art.   

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